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1. How do you rate our online ordering tool? (1- Low 9 - High)
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2. Do you find the site user friendly? (1- Low 9 - High)
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3. Are you utilising the ‘save function’ to build your weekly orders and help reduce your carbon footprint? (1- Low 9 - High)
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4. Would you be interested in seeing more online special offers? (1- Low 9 - High)
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5. Did you know the following?

  You can request a recycling collection online?  Yes No
  You can add a department or name to each line, so that when the goods arrive you know who ordered them?  Yes No
  Under fast order all you need to do is enter the code and quantity?  Yes No
  Under order pads you can either browse your contract list or the No.1 Essentials catalogue?  Yes No


6. Are there any enhancements that you would like to see?

7. Additional comments

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