From an environmental perspective, EcoBoard is the best presentation and display board option.  By not mixing paper and plastic (polystyrene) in its fabrication, the board can be simply recycled in the regular Wiles Greenworld paper and card recycling service.  EcoBoard is constructed with a good percentage of recycled materials without compromising on strength or visual impact.

EcoBoard is made in the UK and consists of four components:

OUTER PAPER LINING – White liner – 100% ECF* pulp, for natural colour, using no harmful chemicals – has FSC accreditation.

OUTER LINING OF CORE – 100% recycled fibreboard.

CENTRE CORE – as above and 30% recycled – new fibres have to be included to improve the stability and strength of the core.

ADHESIVE – a non-toxic and water-based adhesive is used to apply the lining to the core.

To find out more about EcoBoards call our sales office now on 020 8758 7700 or email us today. Samples are available upon request.


Available in the following:


A1 – Packed in 10’s

A2 – Packed in 20’s

A3 – Packed in 20’s

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