Youth Hostel Association recycling

The UK Youth Hostel Association (YHA) is looking to dramatically improve recycling levels across its hostel network by streamlining its waste management operations and aiming for 70% recycle rate.

The YHA has appointed SWR to provide a complete waste management solution for 154 of its sites across the UK, from inner city hostels to rural camping barns. Combined waste from these sites amounts to around 1,200 tonnes per year and includes a mix of glass, cardboard, bottles, cans, paper and plastics.

Wiles Greenworld, London based green office supplies company offers a free of charge recycling service which also offers a range of collection of waste streams such as paper, cardboard, toners, cartridges, computer, batteries, plastics, metals and even CDs and mobile phones.

This wide range of recycling steams that Wiles Greenworld collects within the London area has proved very successful and emissions are kept low as recycling is done when delivering goods.

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