World Water Day 2015

World Water Day is nearing and is on the 22nd March 2015. Wiles Greenworld, your Green Office Supplies Company, has a selection of Belu water bottles which you can purchase to support WaterAid and support your environment.

Did you know?

· Belu is the UK’s most ethical bottled mineral water.

· The first bottled mineral water to be 100% carbon neutral.

· Belu’s clear glass bottles are the lightest weight available for bottled mineral water.

· All Belu’s bottles contain either recycled plastic or glass.

· All of Belu’s profits go to WaterAid. – To date, £582,660 have been given to WaterAid. Over £1m to be donated to Wateraid by 2020.

Get involved, call us on 020 8758 7700 for more information or to order.

Green Tips: Recycle your plastic and glass bottles!

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