Workplace essentials

Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers, like to ensure that both our clients and employees have a healthy work environment.

That is why we provide services such as Display Screen Equipment assessments, which ensure that employees are working in a safe and comfortable environment. Incorrect posture at work or incorrect use of equipment can result in repetitive strain injures or pain. Wiles Greenworld provides the DSE assessments service in order to reduce the chances of such occurring.

DSE assessments is not the only measure we take in order to ensure our clients are working in a safe environment. Wiles Greenworld is proud to supply workplace essentials as part of our Office Stationery Supplies. Workplace essentials range from footrests, back support items to Office Desk Supplies such as daylight lamps screen, wrist rests and screen cleaning sachets.

To find out more information about DSE assessments or our workplace essentials contact us on 020 8758 7700.

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