Wiles Greenworld wishing you a green Christmas

Season’s greetings from Wiles Greenworld, your friendly London office supplies distributor that collects waste when it delivers. If you’re struggling to green up your Christmas here are some tips from us that will really help you cut the carbon footprint of the season:

Buy your Christmas dinner from a farmers market – buying organic will be fresher, taste better and you’ll be buying local too. Research and carbon calculations show that a natural tree is best. It bio degrades vs. an artificial tree which uses toxic materials and petro-chemical in its plastics and takes a lot of energy to produce. Decorate your home with natural materials such as sprigs and branches with berries; such as holly, mistletoe, fir tree, and pine cones. Finally and most importantly start the New Year with the aim of being more eco friendly by buying green products.

Green office tips: Don’t forget to check that PCs, printers, lights and other office equipment is turned off before leaving work on Friday (or sooner if you’re lucky).

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