Wiles Greenworld sustainable office supplies

Wiles Greenworld is delighted by the number of customers profiling our company on their websites, newsletters and other publications. Below is a recent newsletter feature by one of our customers.

Wiles Greenworld has been the preferred partner for graphics supplies and stationery for well over a decade; a strong relationship has been built not just because of the great value and reliable service but also because of their outstanding ethical position. For the past three years Wiles Greenworld has been listed by the Sunday Times as one of the top sixty green companies in the UK. In 2011 they were awarded second place, ahead of the likes of the Cooperative, B&Q and Marks & Spencer.

The Editor of the Sunday Times was particularly impressed with how Wiles Greenworld works to reduce environmental impact along the whole supply chain, working with manufacturers, customers and even competitors. This clearly demonstrates that environmental responsibility is culturally embedded and not just some marketing gimmick.

Initiatives are driven by the Sustainable Development Director, Toby Robins, who can be found sharing his enthusiasm everywhere from customers’ green team meetings to guest lecturing at MBA courses. “When it comes to addressing climate change and moving towards sustainability, education is key. Everyone who understands the issues will be green and it is fantastic how younger people are increasingly demanding environmental responsibility and taking it into account in their life choices. Leadership in this field makes an organisation an employer, venue or college of choice.”

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