Wiles Greenworld recycling service

London based office supplies company, Wiles Greeenworld offers a free of charge recycling service, that not only saves customer money but is also better for the environment. By collecting recycling when they deliver goods to customer they are able to take cost and carbon out of the loop and those savings and benefits are passed onto their customers.

The service has proven very popular with most of Wiles Greenworlds customers using the service. Recycling categories include paper, toners, computers, compact discs, mobile phones, metal cans and plastic bottles.

This type of service has also been demonstrated in other companies such as Coca Cola. Fizzy drinks firm and ECO plastics, recycling business could see the UK’s capacity for recycling plastic bottles increase through a £17 million plan of recycling facilities in Lincolnshire.

Wiles Greenworld, based in Perivale West London has recycling facilities on their premises and are looking to expand their recycling service in the near future.

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