Wiles Greenworld recycling series – The glass bottle

In Britain we recycle 60% of our glass but with little effort this could increase to 90%. Using recycled glass saves natural resources, energy and CO2 emissions as well as reducing waste to landfill.  The business sector still has a lot of work to do to recycle glass – bars, restaurants and pubs currently throw away 600,000 tonnes of glass every year, with most of it ending in landfill.

Using a company such as Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor diverts glass products from landfill. If you’re looking to recycle your glass products we can offer you special containers which you can fill with your old glass bottles, jars etc. and we will collect it when it’s full.

For more information on glass recycling or sourcing green office supplies please contact us now.

Green office tips: Did you know that glass can be recycled indefinitely.

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