Wiles Greenworld recycling series – paper

Every year over 12.5 million tonnes of paper is used in Britain. Recycling paper reduced energy use, CO2 emissions and saved trees by diverting paper from landfill. When paper is recycled it is made into a range of other paper-based products.

Paper can be recycled quickly and it usually takes just seven days to turn an old newspaper into a new one. Paper is already recycled in high quantities with 67% of paper and cardboard products being made from recycled paper but as the most common waste stream in the office more paper needs to be recycled. Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor offers free paper and cardboard recycling to all its customers. To find out more about paper recycling or any of our other services contact us today on 0208 758 7700.

Green office tips: Paper produced from virgin raw material uses far more energy and water than if we recycle our unwanted paper.

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