Wiles Greenworld recycling series – cartons and tetra pack

Britain uses around 57,000 tonnes of cartons every year. That’s the same weights as 331 blue whales. Carton recycling is now much easier to do thanks to new machinery being used. Once cartons are collected and segregated, they are shredded and placed into a spinning machine similar to a washing machine. They are then pulped and rolled and are ready to make into new products.

The carton lining usually made from plastic or aluminium is separated and used to generate the energy that runs the mills. At present, cartons sent for recycling in the UK are transported to Sweden but if more of us recycle carton through companies such as Wiles Greenworld the London office supplies distributor that collect waste when they deliver we could create demand for carton recycling in the UK. To recycle your carton or any other office waste with Wiles Greenworld or for information on reducing your carbon footprint and waste to landfill please call 0208 758 7700.

Green office tips: Cartons are made with between 70% and 90% paperboard which is a renewable natural product that can be reclaimed in the recycling process.

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