The Wiles Greenworld recycling initiative

The Wiles Greenworld sustainable recycling initiative was coined in 1989 when the company identified the opportunity to collect recycling during deliveries to customers. Back then smaller businesses faced steep fees for recycling their waste due to insignificant amounts of waste being collected.

Wiles Greenworld identified the potential to reduce the cost of recycling for customers by collecting their waste while delivering and taking it back to its warehouse where it could be consolidated and sent for recycling. The scheme appealed to many of the company’s clients and the service continued to grow. By 2011 the company was collecting an excess of 50 tonnes of paper and recycling more than ten different material ranging from IT equipment to batteries, metal cans and tonner cartridges all free of charge and as part of a consolidated service.

Green office tips: take advantage of free recycling by calling us on 0208 758 7700.

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