Wiles Greenworld London office supplies company now offering confidential shredding

We all know the importance of properly destroying confidential data and the severity of the consequences when we fail to take the necessary precautions to destroy sensitive information. Wiles Greenworld London office supplies company that offers an extensive service to encourage recycling at work now offers a confidential shredding service.

The environmental office supplies company can provide the lockable bins as well as the sacks and tags for you to store your confidential waste. To guarantee that your private data isn’t mishandled the company destroys all data within 48 hours and issues certificates to confirm that documents have been shredded. Furthermore, if you have confidential tapes, CDs or DVDs Wiles Greenworld can recycle those too.

To find out more about the confidential shredding service please contact us on 0208 758 7700.

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