Why Renewable Energy Is Now a Requirement for CSR

Many of the world’s biggest countries are implementing costly-but-necessary plans in an effort to make renewable energy 100% by 2050. The main reason for this is that the effects of global warming are very real.

Previously, the cost of renewable energy was a big barrier for small businesses.

However, in recent years, solar and wind energy have declined substantially in cost; with onshore wind electricity falling 18% since 2009 and turbine costs falling 30% since 2008. This makes wind power the cheapest source of new electricity. For solar energy, the price has fallen by 80% since 2008

As a result of dropping prices and increased efficiency, businesses can now pursue renewable energy without costly sacrifices. A business that promotes their renewable energy usage provides a positive perception among current and prospective clients. It showcases a business that cares about the world we live in.

A recent Greenpeace estimate found that, if the world switched 70% of electricity programs to renewable energy, the resulting savings would be 180% billion each year.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, the Green Office Suppliers London, we have acknowledged the importance of Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability. Two year ago we have installed solar panels on the roof of our building which provides us with 75% of our annual energy usage.

Besides selling Green Office Supplies we also provide consultancy to help you have a Green Office.

For more information call 020 8758 7700.

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