Weekly waste collections unlikely says review

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman has outlined proposals for the government’s waste strategy which shelve plans to bring back weekly bin collections.

Many councils now make fortnightly rubbish collections, which have proved unpopular with households and businesses.
The review focus on recycling more so that councils can avoid high landfill taxes under the EU Landfill Directive.
Consultancy WSP Environment and Energy said that the waste strategy needs to focus on getting the public to cut down on the amount of waste they produce, particularly food waste.

WSP director, David Symons, said: “If the government is serious about reducing waste, it needs to make much more of a connection between waste and the consumer’s cash, rather than just relying on people’s own sense of social responsibility prompting them to recycle.

“It needs to be made clear that waste isn’t just about ‘going green’ – it’s also about saving your money. The average UK household spends £1,500 a year on food that is simply thrown away, so there are real financial incentives for cutting down on waste.”

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