We Do Print takes its operations to the next level!

We Do Print is a social enterprise created by our parent company Commercial Group, which employs disadvantaged young people in order to provide them with necessary skills to become work-ready to embark on careers within the print industry and beyond. 82% of the 40 that have been through the doors of We Do Print have secured paid work or further training.

A Makerbot replicator+3D printer have been installed at the site of We Do Print on its 1 year anniversary. The new equipment worth £20,000 was funded by The Printing Charity with the device supplied by Antalis.

The young adults were amazed by the functions of the Makerbot as the system of it is exceptional. The machine prints at a maximum volume of 295x195x165mm, with a layer resolution of 100 microns using a Smart Extruder+.

Not only the installation of the new equipment benefits the young adults at We Do Print but it is also helping We Do Print achieve its ultimate goal in setting up a 3D academy for the education sector.

Commercial is no stranger to leading within the IT sector having recently helped Royds Withy King undergo a major infrastructure upgrade which will significantly improve the service it offers.

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