Wastewater treatment centre opens

A €38 million wastewater treatment centre has opened in Waterford City in County Kilkenny in Ireland.

The treatment plant is part of the Waterford Main Drainage Scheme and was funded under the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government’s €82 million Water Services Investment Programme.

It will cover the areas of Waterford City and South Kilkenny and will cater for the projected population increase to 2025.
The biological treatment plant complies with EU directives and will be operated and maintained by Anglian Water International.

The plant will eliminate existing discharges of untreated waste water to the River Suir and will improve the river’s water quality.

The sludge generated in the plant will be treated to standards suitable for recycling to agricultural lands.

Minister for the Environment Mr. Phil Hogan, T. D. opened the plant.

He said: “The new Wastewater Treatment Plant provides the infrastructure needed to cater for current and future residential and industrial development in Waterford City and its environs, while at the same time protecting the local environment.”


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