UK’s first environmental tax rises

Landfill tax in April 2011 will rise by £8 as the UK’s first environmental tax marks another milestone.

The tax originally introduced by the Conservative environmental minister Lord Gummer in 1996, aims to force local authorities to recycle by making the cost of landfilling prohibitive.

The tax is now £56 a tonne and will continue to rise by £8 a year until at least 2014 after measure brought in by the coalition government in its first emergency budget.

Environment minister Caroline Spelman, earlier this year said, “The landfill tax has been an important factor, and will continue to be, not only in reducing landfill but in achieving recognition that what we call waste is actually a resource and a valuable one too”.

“This green Government will help deliver the green jobs, the green technologies and the greener economy we must achieve to ensure a future that is both secure and sustainable.”

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