UK moves above EU average municipal recycling rate

The figures, which are issued by the statistical body Eurostat, also show that the UK continued to lag behind the average percentage of municipal waste composted across the EU’s 27 member states, and that it had an above-average reliance on landfill.

The data represents the third annual analysis of European municipal waste management by Eurostat, and indicates an average dry recycling rate across the EU27 of 24%, a composting rate of 18%, an incineration rate of 20% and an average of 38% of waste being sent to landfill.

In comparison to this, the UK sent 26% of its waste for dry recycling, 14% for composting, just 11% for incineration and 48% to landfill.

As such, the figures illustrate a continued improvement from the UK’s relative performance in 2008, where it land filled 55%, compared to an EU-wide average of 40% and its dry recycling rate was in line with the EU average of 23%.

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