UK is not reaching its target for renewables

Britain had a target set to provide 15% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2020.

However, MPs have warned that UK is set to miss this target. According to the report that was released by the Energy and Climate Change Committee, Britain has two key areas they are failing to meet their targets on: transportation fuels and sources of heating.

Britain still highly relies on burning gas in order to heat buildings, which pushes it further from reaching the 15% target. It is also fairly behind on using greener forms of transportation fuels.

At Wiles Greenworld, Office Suppliers, we aim to have a highly Energy Efficient Office. 75% percent of the energy used in our Green Office comes from the solar panels installed on the roof of our building. The other 25% comes from renewable sources, such as wind.

Commercial Group, who is our new parent company, own the largest privately owned fleet of hydrogen powered vans in Europe, which reduces our Carbon Footprint by a mile.

It is extremely important for you business to have Sustainability as one of your main focuses, that is why Wiles Greenworld offers green consulting to our clients and a Free Recycling as an added-value service.



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