UK-built pollution monitoring satellite ready for launch

Space exploration has long been associated with ideas of exploring new worlds, searching for new celestial structures and thoughts of what the future may hold for the human race. Not initially thought of as the reason for the advancement of space exploration was the technological and scientific discoveries which can help us better understand and advance our life on Earth.

In recent decades scientists have begun to understand that climate change and air pollution has become big threats to our continuing existence on Earth. So after the successful launch of a Trace Gas Orbiter to Mars last year which was designed to look for methane, yesterday the ESA announced that they are preparing to launch another spacecraft to look at methane on another planet: our own.

The UK-built Sentinel-5P, a pollution monitoring satellite, is ready to begin its journey from Airbus Defence and Space, Stevenage, to the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, Russia, where it will lift off in late September/early October.

The Sentinel-5P will be scanning the earth for methane, nitrogen dioxide and other key polluting gases. Looking for, tracking and scanning the potent methane gas is the crucial part of the Sentinel’s design. Methane traps 28 times more heat than an equivalent mass of carbon dioxide. It is released naturally by living things – hence the interest in looking for it on Mars – but also from the fossil fuel industry, landfill sites, rice agriculture and the thawing of the permafrost at higher latitudes.

Sentinel-5P will be able to measure pollution accurately across individual countries, which can then be compared to their self-declared pollution inventories. The data gathered from this 7 year mission will be looking at pollution from a fresh perspective and could lead to more such space based systems which may help to focus the fight against Climate Change and rising Air Pollution.

The pollution which the sentinel is designed to monitor causes reported tens of thousands of deaths every year in the UK and thousands more across the globe. Everyone has a role to play in tackling this fatal rise of pollution, particularly businesses which operate fleets of vans and Lorries.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers London we are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint, internally by investing in and exploring the latest Carbon reductive fuel and engine systems. And externally by reducing the number of vehicles on the road with our free recycling system which combines deliveries and recycling pick-ups to reduce the amount of journeys being made.

We are passionate about Sustainability and Energy Efficiency; we want to use our knowledge and passion to help other businesses with their Sustainability practices and Emission Reduction. As such we offer Environmental Consultancy to help you Green your Business and reduce your emissions.

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Pollution monitoring space station picture

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