Traffic Control

Green groups have urged London Mayor, Boris Johnson to urgently adopt stricter traffic control measures in the capital, ahead of a session at the London Assembly today where he will be quizzed on plans to improve the city’s air quality plan as required by the European Commission.

Earlier this week, speaking to BusinessGreen, Johnson refused to go into detail on the specific measures he will use to clamp down on PM10 levels, but nevertheless expressed confidence that the targets would be met.

According to the King’s College London Environmental Research Group, the busy Marylebone Road area has breached the PM10 daily EU limit 20 times this year, compared to 11 at the same time last year. London may reach the legal limit by summer as only 35 breaches are allowed annually.

The green group has urged the mayor to adopt a series of tough short term traffic control measures outlined by Johnson’s own advisors in 2009, which would include banning certain types of vehicles on different days of the week and imposing stricter road use charges.

Johnson admitted that some of these measures may be difficult to implement, but he did say that they will be necessary to ensure that London does not exceed the EU limit and prevent further disruption in the future.

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