Toxic chemical risk rise

According to a report released by the UN, Climate Change worsens the effects of toxic chemicals.

It is the first systematic review of the impact of climate change on the release of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) into the environment.

The report highlights the dangers of landfills leaking due to flooding, or other extreme weather linked to rising temperatures. Chemicals stored in waste dumps to be incinerated or removed later could simply wash away, become more volatile, or escape in the warmer weather through gas emissions.

Higher temperatures increase secondary emissions into the air by shifting the partitioning of POPs between air and soil and air and water. POPs can be extremely harmful to health and can cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, problems with reproductive health and hinder growth.

This research emphasises the need to minimise climate change in order to overcome the problems it raises. By operating more energy efficient offices, reducing our carbon emissions, and purchasing green products we are more likely to minimise our effect on climate change.

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