Five tips to Green in the office

Tip number one – Artificial lighting accounts for 44% of the electricity use in office buildings. Remember to turn off lights when leaving a room, utilize natural light and use energy saving bulbs and fixtures which use at least two thirds less energy that regular lighting. Install timers or motion sensors that automatically shut off lights when they are not needed.

Tip number two – Make it a habit to think before your print, could this be read or stored online instead? Make it a policy to post employee manual, procedures and company policies online, rather than distributing paper copies.

Tip number three – Recycle everything that your company collects. Everything from paper to plastic and mobile phones are recyclable. Place recycling bins in accessible areas that provide clear information about what can and cannot be recycled.

Tip number four – Make it a habit to use public transport or even walk instead of using your own car everyday, this will help reduce emissions and polluting of the air.

Tip number five – Make it a policy to only purchase green office products, that is office supplies that are made from recycled materials or have a positive green impact.

Wiles Greenworld, London based office supplies company adopts all of these approaches and many more. Why not contact them on 020 8758 7700 to learn more about having a greener office.

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