Tips for your Green Office

Maintaining an Eco Friendly Office is an essential part of a Sustainable business. Here are some simple tips in order to have a Green and Energy Efficient Office.

1) Get rid of desk bins. This should be done in order to encourage people to put their waste in appropriate recycling bins. At Wiles Greenworld, your Green Office Suppliers London, we removed desk bins and only use the recycling bins located in the kitchen which ensures most of the waste gets recycled.

2) Use organic tee and coffee in your office. Wiles Greenworld supplies our clients with Cool Earth Coffee and Tee, which consist of 100% sustainable ingredients and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. For example, each 500g tin of Cool Earth coffee
helps protect 5 trees from illegal logging. Cool Earth Tee and Coffee are also Fair-Trade certified.

3) Purchase Recycled and Green Office Supplies. It is essential that the supplies you use in your office are recycled and/or green. Wiles Greenworld offers a range of Eco Friendly and Recycled Business Supplies that you can find in our No. 1 Essentials Catalogue here or call 020 8758 700 to find out more about it.

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