How to cut energy bills at the office, just like you would at home

With over 10 million office workers in the UK, just think how much impact could be made if everyone adopted environmentally friendly behaviours at work.

Sadly, many offices do not make enough effort to go green.

Did you know that the energy used to power a computer monitor that’s left on overnight uses the same amount of energy needed to laser print 800 pages?

The convenience of office printers and photocopiers is that they are available on demand. Newer energy saving models are available that automatically switch into stand-by mode when not in use. This means that up to 60% of energy can be saved during the working day, reducing electricity bills and the impact on the environment.

Did you know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year, of which 6,800 sheets are wasted? According to recent statistics, every person in Britain consumes the equivalent of 4.48 trees every year. As a minimum, your company should have a paper recycling box and reuse paper for general use in the office.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, the Green Office Suppliers in London, our main target is to make sure that our clients are aware of the greenest alternatives for their office, obtaining a Green Office and reducing their Carbon Footprint. An Energy Efficient Office not only helps the environment but also helps your company to reduce costs.

If you would like to know more about our wide range of Environmental Office Supplies, Free Recycling Service or Environmental Consultancy, please call our friendly customer service team at 020 8758 7700.




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