It tastes better when it doesn’t cost The Earth!

Did you know Wiles Greenworld doesn’t just supply you with Eco Friendly Stationery Supplies but also provides Catering Services to business in London?

As Green Office Suppliers we aim to provide are a sustainable service, therefore our catering service is better for your health and certainly better for our Earth!

The food and drinks we supply are GM free, organic and free-range or traditionally reared produce from sustainable farming methods. The food Wiles Greenworld supplies is also made using British produce whenever possible in order to avoid transport associated emissions and it is not made using intensively farmed produce.

Wiles Greenworld provides you with all the means to become a Green Office. Sustainability is our key focus and we try to make sure our clients get help with their Waste Reduction Policy and improve their Corporate Responsibility through purchasing our products. Don’t forget we also offer a Free Recycling Service to our clients.

Call us on 020 8758 7700 for more information or click here to browse through our No.1 Essentials Catalogue.

Green Tip of the day: Go on a Power (S)trip. There is no need for your workplace to be “on” 24 hours a day. Plug all electronics into a power strip and turn off the power strip at the end of the day.


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