Taking Corporate Social Responsibility Seriously!

Values drive our business.

We act with commitment and thoroughness.

We follow a set of principles set out in our CSR model below:

Economic: Creating Shared Value 

By working locally and in partnership with all of our stakeholders: partners, customers, suppliers and the wider community; we aim to deliver the highest service, most competitive price and lowest environmental impacts across all of our services/operations.

Legal: Going Beyond Legislation

Regulation lags behind moral and ethical imperatives. We therefore look to exceed legislative compliance through the adoption of BSI ISO 9001, BS ISO 14001, BS ISO OHSAS 18001 and various other externally verified standards. Having our management systems externally audited demonstrates commitment to going beyond legislative expectations.


Ethical: Doing what is Right

We aim to do what is right, even if the law does not require it yet.

We have made long term strategic investments in our energy through the placement of solar pv on our roof.

We offer environmental consultancy to reduce customer’s environmental impacts.

We offer a free recycling scheme to all our customers.


Discretionary: Making a Difference

Our charitable initiatives are designed to make a positive difference on a large amount of people’s lives.

Ashley Church of England Primary School ( http://www.ashleyschool.org.uk/eco-school/eco-partnerships/ )

For the last four years we have sponsored the year six “new leaders in sustainability” school trip to Chamonix in the French Alps where the children are able to see where the glacier ends… and where it used to end.  This is a real life-changing demonstration of climate change in action giving the children a depth of understanding and appreciation of what we are doing to the planet that can affect their whole lives going forward.

Litre of Light (http://www.childreach.org.uk/our-supporters ,)

In 2012 we introduced our customer, Childreach International to the litre of light concept ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-Fpsw_yYPg ) and put together a pilot to install them in 100 households ( http://www.childreach.org.uk/projects/litre-light ).  Following on from the success of this project which provides zero carbon, zero cost, lighting to households in Tanzania, we have rolled it out into other areas of the country and we are now looking at India too.  The project has social, economic and environmental benefits making a significant difference in the lives of some of the poorest people on Earth.

Change London ( http://www.airsensa.org/index.php )

The poor quality of air in London and its impacts on health have become increasingly recognised.  As an environmental company we have long been aware of London’s failure to meet EU Standards and its slow response to this failure.  We were therefore an early sponsor of Change London’s Air Sensa network which provides air sensors throughout London and makes the data openly available.  This allows evidence based policy making but also evidence based lobbying in the hope that improvements will be made for everyone’s benefit.

Eden Project

Through our relationship with Planet First (www.planetfirst.co.uk/about/relationship-with-the-eden-project/ ) we sponsored the Eden Project educational outreach team to visit four schools where they spend a day teaching the children that “nature can live without us but we can’t live without nature”.  It’s an inspirational day for the children, lead by qualified teachers, which again gives a life-changing perspective on that which we take for granted.

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