Switch disposable coffee cups for reusables

After the success of the plastic bag charge it is possible that a similar action could work with coffee cups too.

Billions of disposable coffee cups are being thrown away each year on a global scale resulting in a waste of resources and causing negative impacts to forests, therefore these should be replaced with reusable ones, an international coalition of NGOs has argued.

Here at Wiles Greenworld, the Green Office Suppliers in London, we encourage our staff to implement this behaviour in their everyday lifestyle. To reduce our waste in the office, we have no individual bin next to the desks which as a result, encourages each member to dispose of each material in the correct recycling bin situated in the common area. We also encourage everyone to think twice when printing paper and have reusable bags stored in the kitchen for those who want to do some food shopping.

Sustainable behaviour is key for an Eco Friendly Office. If you would like to start a Sustainability journey with your company we have a Sustainability team that offers consulting to help you achieve a Green Office and optimise your Carbon Reduction.

We also sell an amazing range of Eco Friendly Office Supplies at a competitive price which you can easily replace with those that have a bigger environmental impact.

For more information please call our customer service team at 020 8758 7700.

Coffee cups in a street rubbish bin in central London

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