Whole country powered by renewables

According to CNN, Portugal has shown that a whole country can run on solely renewebles in terms of electricity. “For 107 hours in May 2016 the sun, wind and rain powered a nation.”

Coopernico, solar REScoop based in Lisbon has just installed its seventh photovoltaic facility on the roof of the Irene Rolo foundation, which is an incredible input towards Carbon Reduction.

Even though Portugal has a strong focus on Sustainability and solar power, today approximately only 1% of energy consumption worldwide comes from solar energy.

At Wiles Greenworld we are constantly finding ways to have an Eco Friendly Office. To demonstrate our commitment to reducing our environmental impact Wiles Greenworld installed solar panels on the roof of our building. In the years of 2015-2016 75% of the energy consumed in our office comes from the solar panels and the remaining 25% from different renewable sources.

The benefits of using solar energy include cutting your Carbon Footprint, saving your costs and being able to sell electricity back to the grid, if the panels produce more electricity than you need.

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