What you need to know about sustainable consumption

What is sustainable consumption and how can we consume sustainably?

The textbook definition for sustainable consumption is consumption that meets the needs of current generations and brings forth a better quality of life while minimising environmental impact and not restricting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In other words sustainable consumption is about consumption that satisfies all our needs and helps us to improve our livelihood while allowing future generations the opportunity to live sustainably. How then can we be sustainable and meet all our current needs?

We can live more sustainable lives by evaluating what we consume and determining whether this is essential to our existence and level of happiness. For example, do we really need a new TV when the old TV set is in perfectly working order? Sure it may not have HD capabilities but until now we were more than satisfied with the picture quality of our old TV set. A new TV may look good in our living rooms but that good feeling won’t last for long especially when you consider all the resources that went into making the product, the hours of labour that workers in the third world put in to produce that TV set or the thousands of miles it was shipped before we bought it. Sustainable consumption then is re-evaluating whether we really need that new luxury item, whether we need a bottle of water when we are at work and have access to clean water from the kitchen or whether we need to leave our computer screen on when we go to lunch. Sustainable consumption should be something we all work towards and it shouldn’t feel like something that we are pressured to do but rather something we choose to do because it’s the right thing for everyone.

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