Sustainability at the heart of the Government

The mainstreaming sustainable development package will ensure the government policies have been sustainability proofed, making sure they deliver sustainable economic growth, improve our quality of life and protect the environment.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said, “The Government is determined that as we reduce the deficit, we also rebalance the economy and put it on a greener, more sustainable footing. In order to achieve this, we must lead by example. I am pleased to see this document sets out exactly how we can do that and take our place among the greenest governments in the world.”

Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne has said, “We’re already delivering on the Prime Minister’s promise to slash the Government’s own carbon emissions by 10 per cent in our first year, but we need to go much further beyond that. Only by putting the low carbon agenda at the heart of everything that we do will we convince businesses and householders to do the same.” Wiles Greenworld, London office and stationery Supplies Company ensures low carbon as well as being green is at the heart of the company. Through environmental office supplies, green products and promoting green office management they are able to reduce their emissions year upon year successfully.

The government’s commitments to make the greenest government ever include some of the following: reducing waste generation, water use and greenhouse gas emissions through the use of real and measureable indicators to monitor sustainability effectively.

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