Sustainability and green office tips for your business

Everyone wants to be more sustainable and with our green office tips you can achieve carbon reduction while improving operational efficiency. Start with the basics, recycling bins should be placed in all four corners of your office. Wiles Greenworld London office supplies distributor isn’t just the purveyor of environmental office supplies, they also offer a complete recycling service to clients free of charge. Why not take advantage of this service?

Next you should consider sourcing eco friendly office supplies. Green stationery has come a long way, it now matches and often surpasses the quality of their non environmental counterpart. Finally, establish a waste reduction policy and if possible an environmental management system. This will help your business target waste reduction and increase employee awareness. If you need assistance in establishing a system Wiles Greenworld has the expertise to help you implement a management system that can be externally certified. Wiles Greenworld really does take the hassle out of being more sustainable, no wonder its London’s eco friendly office supplies distributor.

Green office tips: Wiles Greenworld publish daily news articles on their website, why not keep up to date with green issues and get more tips on being green.

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