Sustainability commitment made by Pepsi

Plans by PepsiCo UK have been revealed to use Forest Stewardship Council approved paper based packaging for its Walker and Quaker brands within the next three years in order to make all packaging renewable recyclable or biodegradable by 2018 as part of their Pepsi’s wider strategy.

The material proposed is currently being trialled on its premium Red Sky crisps. President of PepsiCo UK and Ireland says, “The business case is clear. Building sustainability into our corporate DNA cuts coasts, drives innovation, reduces risk and motivates employees. My challenge over the next few years will be to embed sustainability into every aspect of our business”. Pepsi believe that if their pledges to transform sustainable development are to be implemented, the whole business in terms of suppliers and public bodies need to be a catalyst for change to engage consumers with sustainability.

Other commitments made by PepsiCo has been to support public policies that drive the transition to low carbon economy, reduce agricultural carbon emissions by 50%, to be fossil fuel free by 2023, take all its energy from renewable sources by 2015 and replace its delivery fleet with low emissions vehicles.

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