Surrey council meets 50% recycling target 10 years earlier than planned

The council of Surrey has succeeded in achieving a 50% recycling rate for household waste a full decade before planned.

Councils in England are now required to recycle at least half of the household waste they collect by 2020.

Improved community recycling centres and extended opening hours were just two of the contributors to the council’s success. Increasing the variety of waste that can be recycled and working with district and borough councils to collect food waste separately was also a major contributor.

The council’s cabinet member for environment, Dr Lynne Hack, said: “Achieving a 50% recycling rate required a lot of hard work by residents and Surrey councils, so we should all be proud of this achievement.” The local authority is now focused on reaching a 70% household waste recycling rate by 2014.

Wiles Greenworld, environmental London office supplies distributor and third time Sunday Times Best Green Companies winner welcomed Surrey council’s success. Recycling at work and at home is extremely important for minimising waste. Wiles Greenworld which has achieved zero waste to landfill would like to see all businesses introduce a waste reduction policy and more eco friendly office management.

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