Sony reduces carbon emissions by 30%

Wiles Greenworld, the London-based office supplies distributor that has been reducing its carbon emissions by more than 10% year on year has learned that an electronic giant has followed in its footsteps. Sony the Japanese firm has reduced its global carbon footprint by more than 30%, according to figures from a new report.

According to the report the reduction, compared with fiscal year 2000 levels, was met last year through its Green Management 2010 mid-term environmental plan.

Figures have been independently audited by the Bureau Veritas (BV) Group, cover CO2 emissions across all Sony business sites as it aims to meet a target of carbon neutrality by 2050.

This is excellent news, particularly coming from a company the size of Sony. Clearly their environmental team have been focusing their efforts on establishing a green office through energy efficiency and targeting green procurement. If you have been inspired to follow in the steps of Wiles Greenworld or Sony and would like to help from a qualified Environmental consultant on running an energy efficient office please contact us on 0208 758 7700.

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