Solar Plant

The world’s largest solar plant has been backed financially after the Government underwrote $2.1billion worth of loans for the scheme.

America’s Department of Energy has offered the conditional commitment loan guarantee for the Blythe Solar Power Project, which is sponsored by Solar Trust of America. It is estimated that 1000 new jobs will be created and carbon dioxide emissions will be cut by 710,000 tonnes.

All units will include HelioTroughT collectors, which have larger and simplified designs which means they are less expensive to build and install. On top of these benefits they are more efficient than earlier models and therefore better for the environment.

The project will also be the first concentrating solar power (CSP) parabolic trough plant to use an air-cooled condenser unit, which it’s claimed will reduce water use by nearly 90% compared with a water-cooled CSP facility.

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