Smaller organisations lack resources to embrace sustainability according to new claims

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) simply do not have the expertise to make their operations more sustainable in many cases, one expert has claimed.

Professor Ross King, joint programme director at the Centre for Sustainable Environmental Management – Brunel Management Programme, said it was a sweeping generalisation to say the private sector was not as committed to going green as the public sector, but smaller firms do struggle.

A recent report by the Cambridge Network claimed the number of public sector organisations classed as leaders in their attitude towards sustainability was far greater than private sector organisations.

However, Professor King said research conducted by CSEM – BMP three or four years ago found of the top 1,000 UK companies, the first 300 were already “relatively on the ball” in having a point person to handle climate change issues, although results were “erratic” further down the list.

“Certainly, when you get down to the SMEs, they really do struggle. Some of these people are run off their feet just trying to keep their business alive,” he said, naming the amount of regulation smaller firms have to comply with as the biggest burden.

Within the office supplies industry Wiles Greenworld has been taking steps to help smaller as well as larger organisations looking to increase their recycling at work and taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and operate energy efficient offices. The company agrees with the claims made by Professor Ross King and maintains that social responsibility and sustainability are key elements in the fight against climate change. London office supplies companies have a duty to support their customers by offering eco friendly office supplies and encouraging waste reduction policies to assist customers in embracing sustainability.

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