Small changes to become a Green Office.

Recycling At Work should not be a chore or effort to maintain. That is why we at Wiles Greenworld the Green Office Suppliers in London create a green office solution for our clients.

We provide battery boxes to dispose of used batteries. We also provide a paper tray that is to be placed at every desk to promote effortless paper recycling.

We also supply a range pf recycling bins for paper, confidential material, cans & plastic, one of our Green Tips is to replace the standard small general waste bins that are usually placed under most desks to separated recycle waste bins.

Our Free Recycling Service is offered to our clients by collecting recycling when we’re delivering goods, which reduces the time spent on seeking additional recycling sources.

Make your office an Eco Friendly Office by recycling and allowing us to collect upon delivery, this will take cost and carbon out of the loop.

Why not call our sales office on 020 8758 7700 or email us to find out how you can qualify for our London Recycling Service.

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