Secure Your Company’s Data With Wiles Greenworld

Wiles Greenworld, Eco-Friendly Office Supplier, aims to help our clients with all of their business needs.

We specialise in providing Green Office Supplies along with offering Free Recycling Service and environmental consultancy. But did you know we can also collect your confidential shredding?

Data protection is increasingly important for every business, which is why we have incorporated confidential shredding into our Award Winning Recycling Service.Wiles Greenworld always wants to encourage our clients to take the right steps and with our shredding services, we recommend these services in order to prevent crimes such as identity theft.

We offer a range of services from securely tagged bag collection, cabinet service and offer on-site shredding at your own site. Once our drivers collect the paper from your site, we will ensure that it is securely destroyed and a certificate of destruction is then issued within 48 hours of collection.

You will pay per bag of shredding that we collect with no hidden fees for time spent on your companies premises.

If you would like to understand more about this services or any of our other recycling services then please contact us via or call us on 020  8758 7700 and a member of our recycling team will be happy to help.




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