Seaweed an alternative fuel source?

London’s leading green office supplies distributor Wiles Greenworld has learned that seaweed could become the latest source for biofuel production in Europe. Researchers at Aberystwyth University claim that seaweed is a viable alternative fuel source as it is capable of producing more biomass per square metre than other terrestrial plants.

It can also be easily converted through anaerobic digestion or fermentation, producing ethanol and methane.

What’s more, it removes the conflict put forward by critics of biofuel regarding land resources. Critics of biofuel claim that its production causes deforestation and takes over land used to grow food.

At Wiles Greenworld we have actively explored and implemented alternative fuel sources which include LPG and are currently examining the viability of electrical vehicles. The introduction of seaweed as a biofuel could help thousands of business organisations reduce the carbon impact of their distribution fleet.

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