Scientists sketch roadmap for 139 countries to go 100% renewable by 2050

A research team at Stanford University has outlined a new roadmap for 139 countries – including the UK – to switch to 100% renewable energy by 2050. These bold plans call for electrifying all energy sectors (transportation, heating/cooling, industry, and agriculture/forestry/fishing) and proving the electricity with 100% wind, water, and solar (WWS) power.

Fully implementing the roadmaps by 2050 avoids 1.5C global warming and millions of deaths from air pollution annually; creates 24.3 million net new long-term, full time jobs; reduces energy costs to society; reduces power requirements 42.5%; reduces power disruption; and increases worldwide access to energy.

Transitioning to 100% renewables would reduce power disruption, increase access to decentralised energy and stabilise energy prices, according to research. The scientists suggest that clean infrastructure would cost a quarter of the current fossil fuel system.

The elimination of oil, gas and uranium use for mining and transport could reduce international power demand by 13%, according to the study, while the increased efficiency of electricity over burning fossil fuels is predicted to reduce demand by another 23%.

The paper suggests that areas with greater land-to-population ratios, such as the US, EU and China, have an easier pathway to renewable dependence than densely populated nations surrounded by oceans, such as Singapore.

In terms of UK leadership within this roadmap a separate report released today claims that the UK’s leadership role in the green economy is “far from guaranteed” due to these setbacks. The report highlights some alarming green economy trends that it believes should be addressed. Analysis notes that investment into renewables in the UK will peak at £6.2bn next year. The report warns that without clear policy guidance, this could fall by 95% to less than £0.3bn by 2021.

We at Wiles Greenworld, Green Office Suppliers London are passionate about sustainability and intrigued by such bold exciting plans such as theses. However making plans is one thing, implementing these plans requires communal involvement from the individual, the government and Business.

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