Save money and the earth

One of the biggest arguments against the idea of green business is the proposal of expense associated with going green. In these difficult financial times many business organisations justify their behaviour by claiming that they can’t afford to be green even though they really want to run a more eco-friendly office. However, these days are coming to an end as green products now offer quality equal to their non-green counterparts and are being attractively priced.

One company that has been pricing their green products on par with their non-green alternatives is Wiles Greenworld, London’s green office supplies company that offers environmental consultancy for companies looking to become green. The company believes that being green shouldn’t cost the earth; in fact, the company maintains that green products should be a viable and attractive alternative to products made from virgin material.

The strategy of competitive green product pricing has worked in the company’s favour over the last few years leading it to sell 25% more green products than the industry benchmark. Having already achieved these results, the company is keen to maintain its position as the industry leader by increasing the amount of green products it sells even further and developing an on-site recycling facility in 2011.

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