Recycling office waste: It’s easier than you think.

We recently reported that London was named the greenest city in the UK. While many London-based businesses may have taken steps to reduce their carbon impact many more have yet to follow them on this path. One of the easiest and simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to recycle your waste. While recycling companies can send their great big vehicles to collect your waste there is a much more environmentally friendly way of recycling.

Green office supplies company, Wiles Greenworld based in Greenford, West London has successfully run its own recycling scheme since 1989. What makes this a far more sustainable service is the duel system the company uses. By collecting waste when it delivers the company effectively eliminates carbon emissions and improves efficiency. Renowned for its recycling service, the company collects an excess of 30 tons of paper from customers each month and recycles it into other high quality commodities. For more information on the company’s award-winning recycling scheme please call 0208 758 7700.

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