Recycling means we save 40% of rubbish

Recycling was once the domain only of keen environmentalists and an older generation used to a life of ‘make do and mend’.

Despite our never ending culture of consumption, more than 40% of all house hold waste is now reused, recycled or composted. 2011 is the first time Britain has reached that statistical landmark.

By producing less waste and recycling more it has meant that Britain has saved cash, tackled climate changed and created thousands of new jobs.

Friends of the Earth’s Becky Slater has said, ‘People around the UK are keen to get even more rubbish out of their bins- and we’re frustrated by unnecessary packaging and having to bin stuff that councils don’t recycle’.

This positive attitude towards recycling is also seen through customers of London based office supplies company, Wiles Greenworld. More and more customers are making use of the free recycling service offered, which enables customers to recycle items such as paper, cans and plastics at the same time their goods are delivered.

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