Recycling drive sees more bins for Tube passengers

London Underground has increased the number of bins on its Tube network by 25% in a bid to increase its recycling rates by encouraging more customers to dispose of their litter.

An additional 166 bins have been installed on the Tube, taking the total number up to 800. This means that travellers using the network can now access a bin on any journey.

The initiative is part of a campaign launched by London Underground in partnership with the Mayor of London, Metro newspapers and Keep Britain Tidy.

The campaign will run across the Tube network as well as in the Metro newspaper and involves over 1,600 bins that are in, or within walking distance of, the 270 Tube stations.

According to London Underground, two-thirds of all litter left on Tube is recycled and recent figures have shown an improvement at over 70% of the stations where the new bins have been installed.

London Underground’s strategy & commercial director, Richard Parry, said: “All rubbish placed in any of our stations bins is sorted and we recycle everything that we can.”

London-based office supplies company Wiles Greenworld also promotes recycling through collecting its customers waste when it is delivering thereby also realising significant carbon benefits over conventional recycling routes and realising attractive financial savings for those customers.

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