Rail fair increases anger green groups

The Government’s recent announcement that it plans to increase rail fares by eight per cent next year has infuriated several green groups, who have warned the latest rise in ticket prices offers commuters no incentive to ditch their cars in favour of lower carbon transport.

The increased cost of season tickets until 2014 are set at three per cent above July’s rate of inflation, which was yesterday revealed to be at five per cent by the Office for National Statistics.

This leaves the average ticket increase at around eight per cent, although some companies may be allowed to charge another five per cent on top, further increasing what are already some of the highest rail ticket prices in Europe.
Shadow transport secretary Maria Eagle warned this was “the first of three years of eye-watering increases, which could top 30 per cent by 2015″, adding that commuters and families would be “clobbered” by the increases.

Whiles Greenworld, the London office supplies distributor known for sustainability and carbon reduction has a solution which may be suitable for many commuters. The company which encourages recycling at work, waste reduction and environmental office management says more people could follow in its footsteps and encourage employees to cycle or walk to work. Wiles Greenworld has successfully implemented a bike scheme which entitles all employees to a free bike if they ditch their cars and public transport in favour of bikes or walking to work.

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