Green Office News: Start your office recycling today

There may be many barriers to starting or improving your office recycling schemes but one of them needn’t be cost, thanks to the Wiles Greenworld free recycling service.

Our customers benefit from free* collections of office paper waste, toners, cardboard, batteries, plastic & metal cans and 10 more waste streams as long as they are based in Central London or another of our distribution routes.

To better understand how the recycling process works, or what might happen to your waste after collection, feel free to get in touch, we validate our recycling partners and guarantee 100& diversion from landfill.

One of our future goals is to offer office products and green office supplies from a closed loop production cycle – or in other words made from the very same materials we collect from our customers in London offices.

Green Office Tip: Start to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your corporate responsibility today by starting the conversation in your office.

*subject to T’s & C’s

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