Green Office News: Do you know where your recycling goes?

At Wiles Greenworld we believe that all businesses have the potential to benefit the planet and run their operations with an environmental benefit.

One easy way for businesses to do this is through office recycling, and as your sustainable office supplier we currently have the capability to collect and recycle 15 different waste streams on your behalf, guaranteeing that nothing goes to landfill.

At present the U.K as a whole is struggling to continue its growth in the amount of waste recycled and diverted from landfill, and one reason for this is thought to be the rise of co-mingled waste collections.

Different waste streams collected together need to be separated somewhere along the line, and this is often done at huge waste facilities called MRFs (Materials Recovery Facilities). These facilities use huge machinery to segregate the waste but they still can’t get all of it which creates bi-products that go to landfill or our burnt for energy.

This is why we promote the collection of single waste streams to create a better quality material for re-processors, which creates better quality recycled products, which will improve the recycled product market as a whole.

We can help you with all the advice you need on which waste streams it is okay to mingle and which need to be kept separate… and did we mention our recycling services are completely free (in most cases).

Green Office Tip: Recycling bins are great way to tell staff that recycling occurs in your office, giving plenty of notice of their arrival will also help to avoid confusion as to where to dispose of waste.

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