Plastic Bag Charge Helps The Environment

On the 5th of October 2015 the new law which requires large supermarkets in the UK to charge customers 5p for single-use plastic bags was introduced.

In the six months after the levy came into action a huge decline in the number of plastic bags being handed out was seen. The data shows the supermarkets gave out just over half a billion of plastic bags in the period of October 2015-April 2016, which is almost 6 billion less than the prior 6 months.

The BBC claims that if the trend was to continue over the year this would be a drop of approximately 83%.

This decline is seen as a “massive boon for nature and wildlife” by Friends of the Earth. Its head of campaigns claims that this small change in our every day life leads to less damaging plastic finding its way into our waterways and countryside.

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